Here are a few procedures that we follow in the school library:
  • Each student should pick out 1 "Just Right" book (a book they can read on their own) ***Ask your child if they know what the 5 finger rule is***
  • If a student forgets all of their library books: they are welcome to read out of our browsing boxes. They can then return their library book another day and check out new books.&
  • They may borrow the books for 1 week. If they haven't finished the book they borrowed they may bring it in on library day and renew it for another week.
  • After they are finished checking books out, they are to sit quietly and read until it's time to go.

Amount of books that may be checked out:

Kindergarten-1st Grade: 2 books
2nd grade- 3rd grade: 3 books (mid-year 3rd grade may check out 4 books)
4th grade-5th grade: 4 books


If you hear your child talking about these, they are different books on an mp3 player. Grades 2-5 have the chance to check these out. They may have them for 2 weeks at a time. These are to be kept at school. We don't have very many playaways, and this just helps up keep track of them better.&