Some NEW BOOKS This Year

The Unwanteds
by McMann, Lisa
Year Published:
pb F McM

The candy smash
by Davies, Jacqueline
Year Published:
F Dav

Bad Kitty school daze
by Bruel, Nick.
Year Published:
F Bru

Unusual creatures : a mostly accurate account of some of the Earth's strangest animals
by Hearst, Michael
Year Published:
590 Hea

The kids' guide to paper airplanes
by Harbo, Christopher L.
Year Published:
745.592 Har

The kids' guide to sign language
by Clay, Kathryn
Year Published:
419 Cla

Thirty days has September : cool ways to remember stuff
by Stevens, Chris
Year Published:
370.15 Ste

by Kann, Victoria.
Year Published:
E Kan

Never let a ghost borrow your library book : book care guidelines from the Library Secret Service
by Casale, Karen
Year Published:
E Cas