S & Z Sound Practice & Activties

Here are some fun activities and games to practice "s" and "z" sounds!

Here are some word lists for the "s" sound.

Initial "S" Words

Cell Cent Sack
Sad Safe Said
Sail Salt Same
Sat Saw Sea
Seat See Sick
Sign Soap Soft
Soup Sofa Seven
Sandal Seatbelt Sandwich
Circle Sun Sing
Sock Celery Seashell
Sailboat Seal Sew
Sand Sale Saddle
Syrup Cereal South Pole

Middle "S" Words

Baseball Bracelet Castle
Cassette Dancer Glasses
Possum Whistle Babysitter
Basset hound Bicycle Dinosaur
Gasoline Grasshopper Hairdresser
Popsicle Recipe Tricycle
Policewoman Motorcycle Eraser
Passenger Faucet Braces
Groceries Insect Guessing
Lasso Message Messy
Muscle Outside Pencil
Beside Icing Listen
Missing Bossy Blossom

Final "S" Words

Blouse Boss Box
Bus Chess Class
Dice Dress Face
Fence Fox Goose
Grass Horse House
Ice Kiss Lace
Moose Mouse Nurse
Race Rice Vase
Yes Us Is
Was Necklace Lettuce
Office Octopus Shoelace
Walrus Doghouse Juice
Glass Lips Purse