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Join us to plan a new, updated playground for students at Covington and the entire community!

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Q: Why do we need a new playground?

A: The Covington Elementary School playground is as old as the school, which means it will be 20 years old in 2023.  Playground equipment manufacturers recommend replacing playground equipment every 8-10 years[i].  Our playground has far exceeded it’s expected lifetime, and while it is still safe to play on, it is beginning to require more maintenance, and we are at the point you might find with an old car, where it becomes more costly and difficult to maintain than it does to replace.


Q: When will the new playground be installed?

A: We anticipate that the new playground will be installed in the summer of 2024.


Q: How much will this new playground cost?

A: Until final proposals are received at the end of 2022 and a playground company has been selected, we won’t have the full scope of cost, but we anticipate that between removal, re-grading, drainage, flooring, and installation, we are looking at around $500,000.  Some of this work may be donated in-kind from construction companies, and we would be very happy to hear about any construction connections you have.  Email Lee Fuhr at [email protected].


Q: Why doesn’t the district pay for a new playground for the school?

A: While the district may help defray the costs to some degree, there just isn’t money in the budget at a district level for a new playground.


Q: Will you be accepting donations?

A: Yes!  We would especially like to connect with local companies who are heavily involved in community giving, both in-kind and monetary.   If you know of a company who might be willing to help, please contact Lee Fuhr at [email protected].


Q: Will you be writing for grants?

A: Yes!  We will be writing several dozen grant applications.  If you have grant writing skills, we want to hear from you!  Email Lee Fuhr at [email protected].


Q:  Will there be ADA components on the new playground?

A: Yes!  As the home of one of the district’s dedicated special needs programs, we anticipate including several ADA-focused features in the new playground so that children of all abilities can equally enjoy their time outside.


Q:  What about the Kindergarten playground?

A:  We anticipate that there may be elements from the main playground that could possibly be relocated to the Kindergarten playground, and we are aware of some drainage problems that need to be addressed over there as well.  Kindergarten uses extra recess to help run out their sillies, and we are committed to making sure they can use their dedicated playground space without having to wade through giant puddles.  The Kindergarten team has always made us aware that the Kindergarten playground could use some swings, and we hope to be able to make that happen as part of this plan.


Q: How can I get involved?

A: Join us at one of our Town Hall events in April and share your ideas with us!  Details will be posted at the top of this landing page for all events.  Email [email protected] to be considered for a seat on the planning committee.  Many hands make light work, and we will need many, many hands to make this dream a reality!