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Student Devices

Welcome to Southwest Allen County Schools, where technology integration is at the heart of education. Our school district has implemented a 1:1 device program, equipping students in grades K-8 with iPads and students in grades 9-12 with Windows 10 laptops.

In the early years, students in grades K-8 utilize iPads, taking advantage of their user-friendly interface, portability, and extensive selection of educational applications. These iPads foster creativity, engagement, and collaboration, enabling our young learners to explore concepts through interactive apps and work together on group projects.

As students progress to high school, they transition to Windows 10 laptops, providing a more advanced computing platform. These laptops empower students to undertake complex tasks, develop coding skills, conduct in-depth research, and engage in multimedia projects, preparing them for the demands of higher education and beyond.

SACS' 1:1 device program facilitates personalized learning, allowing teachers to customize instruction and provide timely feedback. Our devices are equipped with robust safety measures, ensuring a secure online environment. We prioritize digital citizenship, fostering responsible online behavior and promoting critical thinking skills.

By seamlessly integrating technology with traditional teaching methodologies, SACS nurtures well-rounded education that prepares students for the digital age while cultivating essential skills and knowledge that extend beyond the realm of technology.

For more information about our technology and to get support visit our technology pages.